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Mid-Century modern scandinavian shelves String Pocket. New édition

Designer: Nils Strinning

Producer: String

Sweden - 1949

Ref: ST001

Mid-Century modern scandinavian shelves String Pocket. New édition. White panels.

The Strings ® Shelving System, designed in 1949 by Nils Strinning, one of Scandinavia's most influential designers, is a true icon.

Since their creation, the String shelves have had immediate success, and are still the favorite shelves for Swedes today.

The String Pocket series revisits this classic. String Pocket shelves can be combined horizontally or vertically. They can equip as well a living room, a room a bathroom or a kitchen.

Available in 6 finishes:

- white / white; white / oak ; white / ash ; white / walnut.

- black / walnut ; black / black.

On demand. Delivery time : 3-4 weeks. Free EU delivery.



Price: € 131.00


New product. On demand


Panels : 50 cm X 15 cm. Shelves : 60 cm X 15 cm.


Laquered steel, veneer MDF

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