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Soap Flakes for leather and wood - 300 gr

Ref: PEGU07

Guardian soap flakes are produced of palm-kernel oil and coconut oil.
Guardian soap flakes do not contain perfume, colour, optical brightener or bleaching agent, -and thus they are particularly well suited for furniture.

Guardian recommends you to treat your furniture with the soap flakes 6 times annually. PH value in a solution ready for use: Approx. 9.5.

Directions for use:
Dissolve 1 cup of soap flakes (approx. 100 g.) in 5 l of water. (50 gr. for 2 1/2 l of water (approx. 30°). Whip the soap water until all the soap flakes have been dissolved. Wipe the leather with a lightly wrung cloth. All leather surfaces -should be moistened so as to avoid discoloration. Let the soap water dry into the leather.

After approx. 10 minutes wipe the leather with a firmly wrung cloth (water). If the soap leaves a matt film, polish with a dry cloth.

On particularly exposed spots the treatment may be repeated.

The same procedure should be used for untreated wood (ash, beech, oak, pine).

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300 gr

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