Ulrik Nordentoft Sebastian Holmbäck

The design philosophy of HolmbäckNordentoft is, through sustainable design, to create solutions and products that you will keep, use and care for until they fall apart.

The design approach is holistic to ensure that functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand with respect for people and the environment.

Who We Are
We are Sebastian Holmbäck (b. 1971) and Ulrik Nordentoft (b. 1974). We first met at the Danish Design School. After graduation (1998/2000), we followed successful individual careers as design professionals, working with product design, furniture, lighting and interior design.

As a result of a joint design project in 2008, we discovered our potential as working partners and, soon after, established our studio HolmbäckNordentoft.

Since then, the partnership has produced a series of notable achievements, including the Red Dot Design Award, Best of the Best, 2011 and the Formland Design Award 2011.

Our studio is located in Espergærde, a small village north of Copenhagen, close to the sea in an old fisherman’s cottage.

What We Do
Our philosophy is to let the design in our products and solutions evoke emotions, to let the aesthetic elements generate excitement, and to let a tangible meaningfulness and purpose generate loyalty.

A design based on excitement and meaningfulness will engage the recipient, create affection and spur the desire to maintain its value: we tend to look after the things we care about regardless of the nature of the objects – cars, tools, decors, etc.

We believe in sustainable design that you will keep, use and care for until the item falls apart. Designs that age beautifully with use.

How We Do It
We start all assignments with our key toolbox: our experience in developing products and concepts. We collaborate closely with our clients – big or small, local or global. We believe that the essence of all successful collaboration is the right mix of mutual and deep engagement/commitment, an uncompromising approach to concept and detail and a personal chemistry between our clients and ourselves.

We work with clients who have a true desire to push the boundaries of their company’s potential. We listen, we ask and we discuss in order to uncover the client’s mission and to elaborate how we can best contribute to reach the desired goal.

Not two projects or brands are alike, so we rely on our celebrated products and the way they represent their brands to tell the true story of how we work.

We hope that our philosophy, approach and track record will encourage you to let us tell your story, too.