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Fabric per meter Gabriel Interglobe Wool 2 (31 colour)

Price: € 127.00

Producer: Gabriel


Its plain weave gives Interglobe Wool as classic and simple a design as possible. Combined with "cold" hi-tech materials such as steel and plastic, the wool creates a contrast which will make the overall appearance of any piece of furniture more interesting.

Not only does the wool look warm, its insulating properties mean that it is actually warm, and this makes it a comfortable material to sit on.

The four colour stories below, made by designer Dorthe Helm, show how the new colours in the range can be used to highlight parts of an interior, and how they can be combined with the existing colours to create a new and unconventional overall impression.

Grey/purple: grey and purple are classic colours which never go out of fashion, but which can well become a little traditional if standing on their own. I suggest different shades of purple as a possible combination to make your interior more interesting and feminine.

Blue/yellow: here the classic blue shades have been combined with a clear, pure yellow to add some life and energy to the otherwise very Nordic design. A few choice pieces of yellow furniture or yellow details are enough to brighten up an entire office, and the colour will be perceived as a “jolly experience” and light up the room.

Green: the green colour is one way of bringing nature inside – not as a piece of scenery, but as an unconscious reference which adds vitality to a room in a calm and pleasant way.

Red: red and orange are classic colours and are useful for creating a dynamic interior.
They have a strong signal value when used in a reception or lounge area and they’re often used within limited spaces in otherwise neutral interiors.

To help you with your choice, you can order a complete colour card : 20 € (includes delivery in France) which will be deducted from your final order.

Minimum order quantity : 1 meter. The fabrics cannot be exchanged or refunded. Price per meter. Delivery time : depends on stock.

Complete specifications and certificate list on demand.

Price: € 127.00


140 cm wide


100% wool of New Zeland

+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12