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Exposition-vente Olivier Garand

His paintings, you need to lean into them, to look at them until you can’t look any more.” Yves Michaud


            Olivier Garand was born in Paris in 1954, the year that saw the death of Matisse and the first album by Elvis Presley. He was a graduate of the French school of Fine Art (Beaux-Arts) and the School of Applied Arts (Arts appliqués).

Discovered in the 1980s by the Maeght gallery,  his work was shown on several occasions alongside Miró , Alechinsky, etc... in the galleries on the rue du Bac in Paris. From then on, his work was continually on show, in France and around the world.

The creative process of Olivier Garand is a unique, subtle mix of collage and automatic writing.

“All of my paintings have been produced on paper”, explains Garand. “The painting and the drawing literally cross through Japanese paper, which I use back-to-front. The sheets are then cut into a multitude of shapes and patterns that make up a vocabulary, which I then assemble spontaneously, before mounting them on canvas or on cardboard.”

The philosopher Yves Michaud, author of the preface to a book about Garand, writes: “His painting lends itself to travel and freedom of every kind. These are the microcosms in which he hides, in which he loses himself, miniature countries to which he escapes.”

This encounter between the galerie Møbler and Olivier Garand is amicable, but also completely natural. The explosion of colour, the proliferation of shapes, the details, contrast perfectly with the stripped-down simplicity of Scandinavian contours.

+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12