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Fabric per meter Gabriel Argos 2 (24 colour)

Price: € 96.00

Producer: Gabriel


With its unobtrusive expression, Argos belongs to the classic upholstery fabric category which has innumerable uses.

Argos is made in the special polyester fibre Trevira CS. This material has built-in flame-retardant properties and it is suitable for environments with special cleaning requirements.The new highlights are the orange, mauve, clear blue, and not least the greens. I believe that these optimistic colours will play an important role in interiors in the years to come, not only in schools and hospitals, but also in offices where the strong colours supplement the neutral ones and can be used to demarcate an area such as a lounge or a canteen. Green. Nature has always been taken inside in the form of, for example, pot plants or floral wallpaper. Now this can be done with the aid of the green colour which in itself refers to nature, and which is thus more discreet, but nevertheless imparts a clear feeling of being outdoors. A simple and effective way of adding vitality to an interior. Purple. If an effect is needed, purple is the new basic colour on a par with red and orange. It can either be combined with more neutral colours such as black, grey or very dark purple – or used to full effect in combination with orange and yellow. Black and blue. Just as we thought cobalt blue was out of fashion, it has been bought back with the eighties retro-style, this time highly refined in combination with black and grey. I believe in its future in the form of effects such as cushions, buttons or e.g. the legs on a sofa where everything else is in strictly classic materials and colours. I have also added some classic colours which are always elegant and easy to place, e.g. pale blue, dark mauve and dusted green. Argos is washable at up to 60 degrees. Argos is certified under Oeko-Tex 100, which is the world's leading health labelling of textiles.

To help you with your choice, you can order a complete colour card : 20 € (includes delivery in France) which will be deducted from your final order.

Minimum order quantity : 1 meter. The fabrics cannot be exchanged or refunded. Price per meter. Delivery time : depends on stock.

Complete specifications and certificate list on demand.

Price: € 96.00


140 cm wide


100% Trevira CS

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