Who are we?


“Investing in a designer object brings a little bit of beauty into daily life” Jérôme Levy



Foundations and Founder


The Scandinavian design movement of the mid-20th century revolutionized the course of contemporary design as we know it and has today become an unrivalled point of reference. 

A symbol of opening up to new ways of living and deeply embedded in modern life, it bears witness, by its very inventiveness, to that winning synthesis between design and function whereby aesthetics and utility come together to make daily life more beautiful.

A passionate collector of vintage Scandinavian furniture, Jérôme Levy forged a career in television as artistic director on a series of interior design and improvement programs. Trawling the web for more information on what had become much more than just a passing interest, he found that it was sorely lacking. So he decided to create one. 

The Galerie Møbler site was born from his desire to share this passion, the experience and the skill that he has acquired in vintage Scandinavian design with other Internet users.

Galerie Møbler deals exclusively with Scandinavian design originals dating from the 1930s to the 1980s: from the biggest names including Hans J Wagner, Arne Jacobsen and Finn Juhl; and more affordable pieces by lesser-known designers … The collection that is on offer is subject to the strictest of requirements, simply because purchasing an original designer item represents a real investment.

That is why everything that has been selected by Galerie Møbler meets the strict criteria set down by lovers of all things vintage, in terms of aesthetics, authenticity and guarantee of origin, as well as in terms of original condition or restoration to original condition. 

Today Jérôme Levy dedicates most of his time to looking out that rare piece, travelling around Denmark to meet up with his established network of sellers, both private and professional, Danish auction houses and antique dealers, searching for those rare items that are so representative of the vintage Scandinavian design that is becoming increasingly popular

Enthusiasts, experts or simply fans, with Galerie Mobler discover the pleasure of having these beautiful objects in your life and, in addition to the aesthetic pleasure that each item procures, rest assured that you will be acquiring an item that has its own unique history.


The Galerie Mobler site


The Galerie Mobler site is dedicated exclusively to first or vintage editions of the most iconic pieces of Scandinavian design from the second half of the 20th century.

In addition to the marketing dimension of the site, the Galerie Mobler site also provides fans of all things design with information on the history of Scandinavian design and its various branches, and the story behind the iconic furniture and their designers.

The site focuses in particular on the materials used by the designers and which, by their nobility, their modernity and their very nature, bear witness to the exceptional creativity and innovation of this design movement.


Philosophy and Guarantee

The entire range proposed for sale by Galerie Mobler carries a guarantee of quality in the form of a label of authenticity provided with all items of certified and original vintage furniture.

Galerie Mobler has selected original items in good condition, with beautiful weathered patina, and entrusts the most sensitive restorations to Danish craftsmen trained in the methods of the carpenters and cabinetmakers of the 1950s.

Each item is checked down to the last detail with extreme care and attention.

Of course, the pieces of furniture that are for sale here, imprinted with traces of the past, have retained the markings of their former lives. That is what makes each item so unique.

Galerie Mobler is committed to full transparency when it comes to the condition of the furniture that it proposes for sale (traces of use or restoration work), in both the rigorous descriptions and the accompanying fully detailed photographs.

Galerie Mobler is also committed to providing the most accurate information possible as to the colour of the materials used, and the colours and patterns of the upholstery, information that is decisive for furnishings that are destined to become part of your interior


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