Breeze coffee table copper Ø 80 cm

€ 1,182.00 Incl. VAT
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Monica Förster’s designs are based on many feelings and contradictions, to create something new, powerful, useful and poetic. Like the Breeze table, inspired by a soft summer breeze creating small waves in a tablecloth, forever conveying a memory of a lazy summer’s day.
 Laminated copper plate with copper plated steel base.

Dimensions Ø 80 cm.H 41 cm
Material Laminated copper plate with copper plated steel base.
Style Contemporain
Origin Sweden
Fournisseur Swedese

Monica Förster

Monica Förster is one of Sweden's most renowned designers, with customers worldwide. Her childhood, in the small town of Dorotea in northern Sweden, was marked by a great interest in the meal and the set table, because her father was one of Sweden's most renowned chefs. Monica Förster's design is characterized by a thoughtful simplicity without unnecessary details and she is driven by curiosity for new materials and methods.

In 2015, Monica won the price "Designer of the year" in Elle Decoration Swedish Design Award.