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Per Linnemann (1912-1999) was the son of Danish sculptor Willie Wulff. He later took on his stepfathers surname Schmidt.  Per entered the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen in 1931 and worked as a sculptor in his 30s and 40s, specialising in portrait sculptures.  In 1949 he opened Palhus Stentøj (Stoneware) with his wife Annelise Linnemann-Schmidt (née Sprechler).  They set up in a house (hus in Danish), where Per and Annelise Linnemann-Schmidt lived. This was situated in Sengeløse outside Copenhagen.  Per created and his wife ran the business.  Goods were sold via the department store Den Permanente in Copenhagen. They also worked with Kjeld Jordan who modelled many of the animal and bird figures that were produced. Other talents involved at the pottery included Jens H. Quistgaard, sculptor Billy Eberlein and the Cuban-American Hugo de Soto. Following an important exhibition in Illums Bolighuset in 1957, the studio was accused of copying the output of another hugely creative pottery - Saxbo. This sadly caused some friction at the time.  In 1972, three years after the sudden death of Annelise in a car crash at the age of 51, the studio closed.  
Palshus produced work using chamotte techniques, glossy glazes as well as matte haresfur glazes. Colours were often typically Scandinavian earth tones in blues, browns and beige.
Grandaughter Annelise Linnemann-Schmidt continues the tradition of sculpture.

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+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12