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In 1872, the smith Axel Hägg acquired the Boda mill and began producing roof appurtenance. After a few years the production turned to rib-chairs instead. In the continuing furniture history the dynamic brothers Zeinwoldt had an important role. Under their leadership the company developed rapidly and was eventually named AB Svenska Möbelfabrikerna and became the largest furniture manufacturers in the Nordic region. Several of Sweden's most revered architects were tied to the activity. Carl Malmsten, Axel Larsson, Bertil Frid Hagen and later Bruno Mattson became central figures not only of the Swedish furniture factories, but equally also in the Swedish furniture design and furniture history in general. In 1922, the first furniture factory opened in close cooperation with Carl Malmsten. The collaboration resulted in the gold medal at the major Paris exhibition in 1925. In the 1950's, a marketing collaboration began between Svenska Möbelfabrikerna and a number of furniture manufacturers under the name Bra Bohag AB. Eventually were Svenska Möbelfabrikerna sold and became a part of Dux group. The change of ownership occurred in 1971.

+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12