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All around the world, Gense is associated with high quality cutlery that makes our everyday life a bit more beautiful. The company has a long, exciting history and is today one of Europe's leading manufacturers. Gense's products have always been characterized by innovative design and are well-known for high quality in shape as well as function. Since the early 1900s, Gense has had well-known designers attached to its name. With respect for tradition and craft complexity, they have contributed to the high-quality Scandinavian design, which is Gense’s signature.

Gense products are all distinguished for their innovative design and famous for the high quality of their shape and function. Gense’s hallmark is top-quality Scandinavian design founded on respect for traditions and the rich complexity of the craftsmanship.

The name Gense is an abbreviation of Gustav Eriksson NySilverfabrik Eskilstuna. The craftsman Gustav Eriksson, who founded the company in 1856 in Eskilstuna, had the manufacture of tiled oven doors as a specialty and it was only when his son Axel Eriksson took over the movement in 1885, as Gense made the decisive decision to extend the range of foodstuffs and crockery. Since the early 1900's, Gense has become a designer who has been working hard at craftsmanship, an historic feature of the famous Swedish art industry, where artistry, craftsmanship and technological achievements go hand in hand. Since Gense was founded just over 150 years ago, many cutlery have wandered out in the world and have been loved for generations.

Royal Warrant Holders are appointed by HM the King and HM the Queen.  Gense received the distinction in 1982 from the King of Sweden. Appointment as Royal Warrant Holder to HM King Carl XVI Gustaf means that the company represents the very best in the country in its industry.  The award of the title is an honour, and evidence of the extremely high quality maintained by Gense in its products.

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