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Odder Furniture

The Aksel Kjersgaard workshops were founded in 1952 by the master cabinet maker Aksel Kjersgaard who, having worked for more than three years as a craftsman in Europe and Morrocco, wanted to try out some of his own ideas. 

In 1955 a workshop and an exhibition room were built. In the following years Aksel Kjersgaard secured his first international contracts and, from then on, began exporting around the world.

Aksel Kjersgaard produced the work of designer Kai Kristensen, and in particular hall furniture: mirrors, small chests of drawers, benches; coat-racks, etc.  

Today, Aksel Kjersgaard is run by his son and continues production under the name Naver Collection.

+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12