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Yngve Blixt

Yngve Blixt 1920-1981

Oscar Yngve Blixt was born in Höganäs May 2, 1920 and began his career at the Höganäs factory.

After studying at Albin Hamberg, in 1949 he founded his own studio in Höganäs. Its production is characterized as «  tourist,ic » but gradually he produced many unique pieces. Yngve Blixt has worked with fireclay and experienced different types of glazes, such as "harpälsglasyr".

Yngve Blixt also belonged to the group "Höganäs Potter" with Ann Jansson, Claes Thell, Brita Mellander-Junger Mann and Henning Nilsson.

A museum room has been dedicated to him in Höganäs.

Yngve Blixt Höganäs died February 6, 1981.

He signed his work "Y.Blixt Höganäs'

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