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Niels Vodder

Cabinetmaker of great talent, Niels Vodder stands out as one
of the brightest shining stars among the crowd that established
the brand of hand-made, high-quality Danish Mid-Century
Modern furniture.
He is first and foremost famous for his cooperation with
furniture designer Finn Juhl (1912-1989), during which they
produced a number of classics of modern design, such as
the Pelican chair (1940) or the Chieftain chair, which received
its name when King Frederik IX sat down on it during the
Cabinetmaker’s Guild in Copenhagen in 1949. Subsequently,
this model was chosen to furnish many embassies, museums
and Danish official buildings, and Vodder himself made each
His extensive work and numerous experiments on wood
allowed him to develop new methods for curving and joining
the pieces as well as innovative ways to develop and articulate
the frame and the upholstered parts, making possible the
realisation of innovative designs by Finn Juhl. Their work is
considered a major revival, breaking with traditional furniture
and introducing new influences in Danish design, such as
abstract or tribal art.
Finn Juhl’s pieces crafted by Niels Vodder are the most soughtafter,
for their outstanding craftsmanship

(c) Catalogue Pierre Bergé & Associés, Mobilier scandinave 12 (15/12/2014)

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