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Fog & Mørup

Ansgar Fog (1880-1930) and Erik Mørup (1879-1972) founded the company Fog & Mørup (F&M) in 1904, having acquired an “ironmongery and consignment warehouse” in Fiskergyde, in Aarhus, with a large inventory of among other things paraffin lamps, gas lanterns and their accessories.

The company started as an agent and wholesaler business in Aarhus, and in 1906, the company moved to Copenhagen, and began specializing in lighting. Opening their first factory on 1 April 1915, at Nørregade 7, and by starting up production of lamps and chandeliers, F&M were on their way to become a major part of Danish lighting design history.

In the years to follow, Fog & Mørup were successful in taking over a number of rival lamp and lighting manufactures, and by the early 1960’s, the company was excelling with new and innovating designs. This new position on the market, is widely contributed to in 1957, having recruited Johannes “Jo” Hammerborg, as the company’s chief designer.

During his 27 years at F&M, Jo Hammerborg created a large number of modern and stunning designs, which went on to become internationally recognized, and made the company famous in Denmark and abroad. To this day many of his pieces are still in high demand internationally. Jo Hammerborg retired in 1980, and died (in a tragic parachuting accident) in 1983.

As an independent company, F&M’s history ended in 1978, when Fog & Mørup merged with LYFA, although the lamps were still marketed under separate brands. In 1989 the LYFA / Fog & Mørup constellation was taken over by rival Lyskær Belysning – and the Fog & Mørup brand was discontinued. The new Lyskær-LYFA ended up being acquired by Horn Lighting (E.S. Horn) in 1991.

In 2013, Danish lighting company Light Years, who now owns the rights for some of Jo Hammerborg’s designs, re-launched his beautiful ORIENT pendant.

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