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Bjørn Wiinblad

Bjørn Wiinblad was born on 20th October 1918 in Copenhagen and was educated at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. He first started working with ceramics at the studio of Lars Syberg and set up his own studio in 1952,. His association with Nymølle Fajance Fabrik started in 1946, in 1976 with the company facing closure he took over ownership, the company continued to produce his designs until its closure in the 1990's. His association with Rosenthal Porzellan AG started in 1956 and he has produced ceramic, glass, silver and furniture designs for them. His work is exhibited in museums throughout the world and he has won many medals and awards.

Over the years Bjørn Wiinblad has worked in a multitude of mediums  including ceramics, glass, silver, furniture, poster design, book illustrations, stage and costume design, tapestries, textiles and ceramic decorations for hotels and restaurants in Japan, USA and UK.

Bjørn Wiinblads work is based on music and the joy of life, over the years there have been many unique talents in the art world many masters of their own subject. Bjørn Wiinblad is among that small elite group who's talent covers a multitude of subjects and who are masters of them all.

1918-  Bjorn Wiinblad was born in Copenhagen Denmark.
He studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen.
1946-  He started at Nymolle Faiencefabrik Denmark. In several years he was owner of Nymoelle. Rhe production stoppet in the 1990's.
1952-  Started his own workshop studio in Copenhagen.
1956-  Started to design for Rosenthal Porzellan AG Studio Linie in Germany.
1977-  He bought the Danish pottery Knabstrup Keramiske Fabrikker, and combined it with Nymolle.
2006-  Bjorn Wiinblad  died in June.
Bjørn Wiinblad worked with: ceramics, glass, silver,  textiles, furniture, book illustrations, and much more.
Wiinblad was one of the most popular Danish artists and designers, and his products is known worldwide.

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