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Hassel & Teudt

Hassel & Teudt was a gas-og vandmesterfirma, engineering and manufacturing of electric lighting. The company accounts include the first electric lighting system in Copenhagen. Hassel & Teudt was founded d . June 30, 1857 by JG Fridolin (1829-1887) and Louis F. Teudt ( 1820-1896 ). Teudt retired in 1883, after which Hassel became sole owner. In 1886, Hassel & Teudt predicate of Royal Hof – Mekanici. After Hassel’s death continued brothers Fridolin and Aage Hassel.

The best known lamps from this Company is properly the serie HT Rustik form the 1960s, which were produced in hand molded glass sconces in 12 different model.

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