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Peder Moos

There is no doubt that Peder Moos (1906-1991) was one of the most important and eccentric personalities in the Danish furniture crafts. In line with Danish carpenters, cabinetmakers, Peder Moos is ranked among the largest and most recognized judging by the quality of its pieces of furniture, unique furniture made entirely of his hands

Son of a farmer, he first attended the local art school Askov Højskole before following the cabinetmaker training in Jutland and Copenhagen. From 1926 to 1929 he worked successively in Paris, Geneva and Lausane. In 1935, he moved to Bredgade in Copenhagen where he opened his own furniture workshop that will keep for almost twenty years.

Student of Einar Utzon-Frank and Kaare Klint, Moos worked in a particular way by looking for wood himself that he wanted to use. He did not have a particular need to draw or sketch, he proceeded directly to the act of creating

His work reflects his deep respect for the material, the wood shaped with sensitivity.

With the exception of an oak table all the pieces in this collection are pine wood available only during the Second World War.

The result of his work was delicate and elegant pieces, with a slight hint of Art Nouveau.

Another feature of his work lies in assembling the furniture: Peder Moos dit not use nails or bolts, he prefered assembly pegs, dovetails.

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