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Ebbe Gehl & Søren Nissen

Søren Nissen & Ebbe Gehl are skilled cabinetmakers and designers of exclusive, trend-setting furniture. Both were trained at Rudolf Rasmussen Cabinetmakers in Copenhagen, then as designers at The School of Applied Arts and Crafts. Employed in various design schools and studios in the years which followed, they came together in 1970 to form the partnership of Nissen & Gehl. This creative partnership has produced designs which embody beautiful workmanship only the most skilled cabinetmakers and furniture manufacturers are able to produce. Nissen & Gehl’s unique, functional designs have earned them numerous medals, awards, grants and honors, simultaneously gaining them international recognition through special exhibitions of their work. Best known for their extensive designs for the Naver Collection, Nissen & Gehl continue to develop new products in close cooperation with Naver’s skilled cabinetmakers.

Ebbe Gehl has said of his design aesthetic, “Only when design, form and function are brought to a higher level is the design process coming to fruition; The fact that you immediately understand the design and construction is fundamental. My designs must have soul and a personal touch in every last detail, where construction and function meld together into a harmonious whole, becoming their own new form. I like when the detail of the structure supports the decorative element. Each furniture design must have its own soul.”

Søren Nissen’s basis for creating beautiful furniture design stems from his own vast skills in craftsmanship. His design is founded in the finest traditions of craftsmanship, including both wood and metal. This combination of beautifully executed woodworking with the clean elegance of steel construction is characteristic of his design. Søren Nissen’s design style includes elements from the Danish “golden age” tradition of the 1950’s and 1960’s, and blends in today’s more stark and elegant minimalism, giving us a glimpse into the future of furniture design.

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