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Torben Ørskov

Torben Ørskov & Co. is mainly known for manufacturing Herbert Krenchel's "Krenit" bowls, which were a talking point for the technical challenges involved in producing the extremely thin enamelled iron bowls. Ørskov later successfully experimented  with plastics and had continued success working with renowned designers such as Henning Koppel, Max Brüel and Kristian Vedel. Torben Ørskov was also the man behind the opening of the first FORM & FARVE, which created a new style of shop in post-war Denmark. It was not a top-heavy, fancy-goods store, nor was it a glass-and-china or home furnishing store. Form & Farve was simply a shop in which customer could buy things the owners, Torben Ørskov and Knud Aage Nielsen, had selected themselves because they liked them. Even today Ørskov & Co still remains true to the original concept, which is to produce and sell every day domestic products that are functional and well designed. 

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