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Sørensen Leather is a family owned business. Today 2nd generation sets the direction for the company. The company was founded in 1973 in the garage of Mr. Arne Sørensen. In the beginning the business was based on trading quality hides for local upholsterers and manufacturers. Today, more than 40 years later, half of the company's activities are abroad, and we are known among upholsterers, manufacturers, architects and designers all over the world for our ability to deliver, our high standards, strict quality control and reliability.
As a customer of Sørensen Leather, you can be sure to receive a consistently high quality every time you deal with us. We have access to the best and much-desired hides, and we work with the most talented professionals worldwide. You get quick and competent advice about each different quality, and we are happy to contribute with challenging ideas and inspiration for new products and applications. We are drawing on a comprehensive stock, and we have an unprecedented ability to supply.
In conclusion, we have something special to obtain our immodest ambition, when we say that we are determined to be the best leather supplier in Denmark, in Europe, and all around the World. We do not necessarily have to be the biggest supplier, as long as we are the best in the market.

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