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Gustav & Ulla Kraitz

Hungary, Sweden (1926-) (1938-)

Sculptors and ceramists. Ulla is favor of the organic shapes, while Gustav prefers the technical side of art.

Gustav Kraitz was born in 1926 i northern Hungery, studied at the Art Academy in Budapest on a state scholarship. He was sent 1944 to russian labor camp, where he suffered for 5 years. Went back to Budapest and finished his artstudies, now focusing on sculpting. 1956 he fled through Austria to Stockholm, Sweden. There he for the first time came in contact with Picasso, Matisse and other modernist artists. He started making flowerpots.

Ulla was born in Sweden 1938, educated at the Art Academy in Stockholm. Together they started making utility goods, but had ambitions to make art objects of ceramic. They found their influence in the Sung dynasties ceramics. The 40 years of experimenting has resulted in outdoor sculptures in private as well as public spaces. They have earned international fame, most of all in America, where the couple has exhibited in Chicagos and New Yorks botanical gardens. One of their most famous commisions is the Raoul Wallenberg-monumentet outside UN headquaters They mainly work with stone, clay, metal and coal.

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