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Nathalie Krebs

Denmark (1895-1978)

Danish ceramist. Nathalie Krebs is considered as a pioneer in the art of the Danish sandstone. She is known for her remarkable glazing technique. Her  Inspiration and materials from the natural sources. She constantly experimented to find the right colours and took special care during the firing of sandstone. In 1929, Nathalie Krebs worked with Gunnar Nylund. Together they opened a studio, "Nylund and Krebs'. A year later, when Nathalie Krebs took over the management of the studio, it is renamed Saxbo studio. It set up a remarkable Danish pottery tradition. Her jugs slotted handle are emblematic of Saxbo production and style.

Edith Sonne Bruun-Nielsen and Eva Stæhr, ceramists of that time, collaborated in with her. Nathalie Krebs has developed the influence of oriental glaze and Stæhr-Nielsen designed the forms, combined with glaze contributed to the classic "Saxbo Style."

Sandstone Saxbo were exposed all over the world and have won the gold medal at the Milan Triennale in 1957.

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