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Upsala Ekeby

Uppsala Ekeby was founded in 1886 as a company manufacturing bricks and tiles. The production of art objects began in 1910. The products were copies of Dutch and Danish ceramics models. The Swedish Crafts Association demand for "more beautiful everyday ware" led the company to hire artists. Among the first were Anna-Lisa Thomson and Sven Erik Skawonius. The production of household and art pottery became, over time, successful and Upsala-Ekeby had a number of talented designers and potters such as Vicke Lindstrand, Ingrid Atterberg, Mari Simmulson and Hjördis Oldfors to further increase the popularity and status of the company. They were all working at Uppsala Ekeby when pottery production was at its height during the most innovative period in Sweden. 

+ 33 (0)1 43 33 20 12