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Walter Knoll


Son of Wilhelm Knoll, who in 1865 starts his leather business in Stuttgart. In 1907 Walter takes over the company and in 1925 he founds his own upholstered furniture factory « Walter Knoll ». Unlike Wilhelm Knoll, Walter stops using leather, preferring to use fabrics ; a range of colours is also introduced. In 1927 the Prodomo system by Walter Knoll causes a stir and makes for good sales. In 1929 Walter starts manufacturing tubular steel furniture. In spite of the economic crisis, the companies In a few years, Walter and Wilhelm Knoll both expand. Walter Knoll moves 40 kilometres from Stuttgart to Herrenberg.

In 1938 Walter Knoll’s son Hans, together with his wife Florence, founds « Knoll International » in America.

Walter Knoll dies in 1971 dies, aged 94.

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