The golden age of Danish design brought the work of Danish architects and designers to the world stage. Today, names such as Finn Juhl, Poul Kjaerholm, Kaj Bojesen and Arne Jacobsen are no secret.

The revival of Danish design over these last years has also opened our eyes to a category of design that, until now, has been relatively unknown further afield: the small decorative objects created by those same architects and designers. These small designer objects, including figurines, candle holders, ashtrays, trays, vases etc., are an integral part of the Danish interior, and help to create a cosy, “hygge” ambiance, to use a term that has become very fashionable.

These objects boast all of the characteristics of Danish design: the beauty of soft lines, inspired by nature with respect for the raw material, the sense of detail, the use of natural materials like wood and stone, the idea of true craftsmanship and, of course, functionality.  

On an individual level, these decorative objects often display the characteristic trademarks of each designer: the love of wood and the sense of detail of Finn Juhl, a fascination with stone, marble and minimalist lines of Kjaerholm, or the games and craftsmanship of Bølling. Today, these Danish decorative objects have finally found their rightful place and are appreciated for what they are.   

Danish company ARCHITECTMADE re-issuing the iconic decorative objects of modern Danish classic design: trays, cups of Finn Juhl, the ducks of Hans Boling, the birds of Kristian Vedel etc. Their philosophy is to scrupulously follow the original design and production method. All items are produced in Denmark and hand-made.

The exhibition GREAT DESIGNERS, SMALL OBJECTS, offer you to discover and purchase some of these pieces, reissued, and now affordables.

Rikke Jacobsen, art historian, spécialist in scandinavian design

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